European Landmarks

Mark Carlson

We are in the City of Chicago, a place with history and landmarks that we can see daily, but my European Adventure was one that had to be planned out so well just to make sure I saw everything in the week I was there. There are so many places to see alone in Paris. Places that I went to in Paris were: The Louvre (home of Mona Lisa), The Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and Notre Dame. London consisted of seeing: Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s Private Art Gallery, The Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. But when it came down to Spain, it was just more of a look around and spending time in the city shopping, as well as spending time with my Fiancée’s cousin.

(Paris) The Louvre – a super big museum underground that not only consists of Art, but recreations of homes of Kings as well as their grand structures of how their houses and secret tunnels looked like. When looking at how the outside of Napoleon’s house looked like, I instantly did not want to leave at all. This full on marble with a few trees and bushes made it look surreal. The Eiffel Tower, one of the main things we all think of when we say Paris. Yes, I went on it even though I have a fear of heights, but the view of the city at night was something that will never be forgotten. Being able to see the entire city just from the middle of the Eiffel is something that everyone should be able to do if you ever go there. Looking at Notre Dame, you can see the majestic view of a Catholic Church. Going inside, the first thing I wanted to do was look up. The super high ceilings what throw in a tower look that has medieval looking windows. Looking at the altar, it is a design you have to sit and look at due to the many things that are going on.

(London) Buckingham Palace is one of those buildings that instantly run to mind for me when I think of London. The reasoning might be due to the fact that they spend a lot of time recording leaving or going to Buckingham Palace, but never did I think that the lion décor on the fence had actual gold. If you stand in the correct way, you can take a picture of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben as well as the eye in one photo. I decided that I wanted a photo with the Telly, Westminster Abby, and the Big Ben. One of the best things to see is the Tube. The way that they have their underground train system (Tube) is so interesting. I questioned the entire time how they were able to design this correctly and not have any flaws with support.

(Spain) Of course, a multiview of things going on. Just like Chicago and other bigger cities, they do not change history. The preserve the view of the outside as well as a few things inside to make sure that they can keep history alive. I stood on the exact middle of Spain and it even has a marker on the ground. Going on one of the clock towers, you can see a view of the city, and the one thing that got me was the roof across the street. This roof was pure history — painted all black with actual gold around images of life.

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