The Emptiness: Album Review

Jesus A. Lara

Alesana is an American post-hardcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina. They were formed in 2004 and are currently signed to the Revival Recording and Artery Recordings. They have a musical style shifting between light and heavy sounds. Some of their influences told on one of their interviews are other bands such as The Beetles. Their fan base grew widely after their third album release known as The Emptiness released in 2010.

“The story told by the eyes of a sketch artist”. This album was this bands first concept album and due to their success they decided to keep writing more music like so. This album is considered that of a rock opera because of its in-depth story. This whole concept was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s last poem “Annabel Lee”. The band stated that it’s said on the onset of the 20th century and is expounded greatly.

The central character of the story, a sketch artist known simply as “The Artist” wakes up one day to find his lover, Annabel, dead, lying besides him. Heartbroken and terrified, he buries her in his basement and flees. He wanders aimlessly until he comes to a tavern, where he hears the sound of merriment and laughter. He decides that if he can’t be happy no one can and slaughters everyone in the tavern. After wandering through many places and finding Annabel’s killer, “The Thespian”, at the end of the story The Artist finally comes face to face with him to fight to the death. He is stabbed in his side with a dagger and finds himself in a room with Annabel holding a dagger in hand. From here on the story’s point of view switches from The Artist to Annabel where she explains that The Artist had slowly been sinking into madness all this while, he has become more and more violent. Though she loved him, in the end she had to take his life in the attempt to defend herself from him.

Many will overlook the meaning of these songs and believe that they have no meaning, but what I love about these artists is that they tend to tell a story throughout the whole album that many of us can personally relate to in many different levels. Although this album is telling a story, each individual song has hidden messages we can all relate to.

Overall I would rate this album a 4 star out of 5. Some of the highlights of this album are all around. My personal favorite songs in this album would be The Artist, The Thespian, and A Lunatic’s Lament. If this is an album review you seem to be interested in, maybe you will like other artists such as Silverstein, Blessthefall, Eyes Set to Kill, and Escape the Fate.


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