RMU ESport’s New Addition: Overwatch

Lav Patel

Overwatch is a first-person, cartoon shooter game that was released last year for Blizzard Entertainment. It focuses on picking a hero from a pool of heroes with a variety of different skills and completing different objectives that appear on the game maps. Its popularity in the eSports has grown considerably since its release and it has found a way into our very own Robert Morris University eSport program. It was an official club through our program last year, but through hard work and being invited to a regional tournament, our Overwatch team has shown that they have what it takes to be the top Collegiate Overwatch team. Starting this year, Overwatch joined League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and Counter Strike: Global Offensive as a varsity eSport and have been given their own private practice computers in the Varsity Arena.

Most of the team was originally created out of students who were in the eSport program for other games that we support. The team’s captain and main offensive player, James Moffit, was a part of the division two Counter Strike: Global Offensive team. He was recruited when his fellow freshman, friend, and the team’s off-tank player, Lav Patel, decided to create an Overwatch team for the school. Once they were given the okay to make the team, they recruited two League of Legends players, Kevin Cardenas and Chris Broadnacks, to play the games support role. The next recruit was Varsity Hearthstone player, Darien Zhao, as their main tank player. The final pick up was the soon to graduate, second offense player, Evan Tipton. Together as a team, beat many of the teams that they faced off against during the year and were eventually asked to play in a regional tournament against the other teams that have been gathered from all over the country. They lost one round before the quarter-finals, but they showed how far their rag-tag team had gotten for just being a club eSport.

As this year began, they were not only given the title of an official eSport for Robert Morris University, but were moved from club to Varsity. The reputation of the game and the team had been raised to a new height. Sadly, they had to say goodbye to two of their original members and friends Evan Tipton and Darien Zhao. Luckily, the new reputation of the team brought forth two new members that were more than eager to join the team. Stevin Meers moved from Counter Strike: Global Offensive to join the team as the new support player and Joel Sanchez transferred from Rockford University to join the team as the new offense player. Lav Patel became the new main tank and Kevin Cardenas became the teams new off-tank player. This year has shown the team is as strong as ever and only time will see how this new and promising team does.

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