The First Annual Florence University of Arts Reception

By Dana Becker

On May 20th, Robert Morris University hosted their first annual reception, welcoming study abroad alumni from the Florence University of Arts (FUA). Invited were RMU logo-registrato-fuastudents that had studied abroad in Italy as well as students and staff from FUA. The event was held in the State Street Art Gallery, displaying “Images from Abroad”, a culmination of student artwork exhibiting their experiences throughout the academic year at FUA. Appetizers paired with wines were prepared by the Culinary Arts department and served throughout the event.

The Florence University of Arts is the school in Italy where study abroad students pasted image 0 (1)from RMU study and take courses from. This particular study abroad program appeals to Culinary Arts majors. At the FUA, RMU culinary students have the opportunity to learn about Italian cuisine and culture. Many of the guests at the reception were faculty from FUA, including the chefs that have been so influential to the students. Part of the time spent at FUA involves a rigorous internship, in a competition setting where students must work all hours creating a menu of intricate plates. The guidance and wisdom passed on from the chefs to the students during this experience is invaluable.

A menu of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres paired with wines was prepared by RMU and pasted image 0FUA alumni Ethan Zuk with the help of RMU student Dana Becker, RMU/FUA alumni Morgan Nash, and RMU Chef Rachel Murphy. Attendees started with a glass of Prosecco, then followed by white wine paired with three types of crostini appetizers and salmon vol events.

Each “course” was followed by an interlude where speakers would entertain with slideshows, trivia games, and a raffle. The second course was hot pasted image 0 (4)appetizers including pasted image 0 (3)tomato soup pappa al pomodoro, curry lamb vol events, and stuffed chicken wings. For desserts, hazelnut tiramisu and lime semifreddo prosecco floats were served.                                       

This was the first time Robert Morris hosted and served FUA pasted image 0 (6)guests. Attendees came  from across the country and across the globe. Thanks to the RMU Art Gallery director and director of International Studies, Shelley LaMantia, the partnership between RMU and FUA grows stronger every year as students continue to go abroad and excel in their studies. The reception is intended to be an annual event. It will undoubtedly further the relationship between RMU and FUA .

Interested in studying abroad? Learn more here at

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