Psychology, Simpler Life?

Kre’aja Jackson


Could psychology help you live a better life? Psychologists all over the world use scientific research everyday to better understand how people learn, interpret events, and make decisions. Think about it. The root of psychology is emotions! Learning how to time manage, control anger, spread positive vibes, and become more social, all could improve your life. Use these suggestions to try improving your emotional health on your own. Change is good and making them can boost your mood and add to your overall enjoyment of life.


  1. Getting more sleep
    Try to get to bed every day at a scheduled time, and practice good habits to get more rest. A very big percent of research has shown that sleep impoverishment has a significantly negative effect on your mood. Shutting off the television, cell phone, etc a hour before bed could be a better way of improving sleep habits.
  2. Exercise
    Exercise is a powerful antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression. Add small things to your daily routine to increase activity. Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a walk. Our body releases stress-relieving and mood-boosting endorphins before and after you work out. So add some activity at least 30 mins out the day as your  daily stress reliever.
  3. Open up to someone
    Finding positive aspects in others, help you become better at finding your own. More trust can increase your emotional well-being and help you think more positively. Research shows that how you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel.
  4. Meditate
    Not only does meditation teach your brain how to concentrate, it also lowers blood pressure and contributes to peace of mind.See how long you can sustain focus on your breathing and keep out all intruding thoughts. Relax.Breathe.Release.
  5. Listen to music
    As we all may know research shows music helps you relax. Music can put you in all different moods and without it image how the world would be. Music can sooth and uplift the soul. Try playing music when your mood is low or not at its best.
  6. Smile
    It’s no surprise that smiling makes us feel happier. Even though smiling may seem sincere it can be fake. Try not to fake it! Smile  like you mean it. Smiling can uplift your mood and spread positivity throughout your day.
  7. Get your hands dirty
    Breathing in the smell of dirt may lift your spirits, according to a study that found that a bacteria commonly found in soil produces effects similar to antidepressant drugs. So dig in! Get a jest of the environment.
  8. Write down your feelings
    Expressing  how you are feel can release a lot of stress. Often time we our stressed because we have a lot on our minds or a lot we have to get off our minds. Writing is a very powerful tool and expressing your emotions in a journal could reduce explosions in real life situations and stress on daily.
  9. Go on walks
    Exposure to sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D, which increases your level of serotonin in the brain.Plus, time in nature is a proven stress reducer. Go alone with a pair of headphone or tag along a friend.
  10. Forgive
    Even if it’s just forgiving that person who cut you off during your commute. People who forgive have better mental health and report being more satisfied with their lives. Forgive and Forget life is much bigger than what people assume.
  11. OrganizeGetting things in order beforehand is one of the best ways to guarantee that all will work out when the time comes to make your move.Get a planner and make not of  the things you may need for that specific day. Also follow up on it and make sure you go through with it. Being organized is a major key to life.





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RMU Serves Through Experience-Based Learning

Matt Dylewski

High school graduates in recent years are no strangers to service work. Oftentimes it is mandated that teens perform some type of community service as part of their high school graduation requirement. They may even use this service in their application essay to colleges of choice. Community service is not new to U.S. youth or the American tradition, but it has certainly received increased interest as volunteerism has become a new exhilarating trend. And why not? It provides work experience, networking opportunities, and it makes a person feel good to do it.

As Robert Morris University just celebrated another academic year of achievements in its 2017 graduating class on April 22nd, one can only hope that this group of degreed Americans will be the kind of people who will heed the words of President Kennedy and place service to others above their own interests. As the United States celebrates the milestones of President Kennedy with the mark of his 100th birthday in May, it is a good time to recall his poignant words:

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

It is with absolute certainty that recent RMU graduates will honor JFK’s request. While most Americans would like to claim adherence to this commendable direction, our very own RMU Eagles have been proving their ability to place service before self during their college careers.

While in school, they didn’t ask what fellow students could do for them; rather, they sought to assist their peers in pursuance of their degree. They worked as teams, helped students in need, cultivated an inclusive culture, and forged relationships that will last a lifetime.

They didn’t seek to exploit the resources of the respective nine campuses or the university as a whole. Instead they volunteered to lead or participate in programs that improved the RMU brand.

They completed ICenter projects focused on marketing the university to the community positively and represented the institution with a degree of professionalism. Students are committed to practicing the philosophy of learning by doing and learning by giving.

They reached out to local communities to ask not what their community could do for them, but what their community needed them to do.

RMU students proved their commitment to service and passion for volunteerism by collecting and allocating resources for the Peoria Crittenton Center for Women and Children, by mentoring K-12 students with the Junior Achievement Organization, by serving community food banks through the Robert Morris initiative “Making Room,” by coaching young hockey players involved in the Peoria Minor Hawks Association, by offering free tax service to anyone who walked in to the Chicago campus during tax season, and by collecting and distributing toiletries and warm clothing to the homeless at the DuPage campus.

Jessica Leonhard, a student at the DuPage campus believes that volunteering “showed me that what I learn inside the classroom means nothing if I don’t try to give to those outside of the classroom.  Education is a wonderful thing, but we need to do what we can to ensure others have the chance to receive an education as well.  One of the first steps towards receiving an education is having a home.” Thus, it was important for this RMU student to help someone who did not have a home in her community.

The list of community service examples are endless because RMU students embody this service driven sentiment outlined by President Kennedy on the personal level, campus and university wide, and are now ready to go on to do so on a national scale. It is all thanks to the education and experience provided through carefully designed curriculum delivered at Robert Morris.

RMU Eagles will be taking this experienced-based education with them as they leave the university, this nest if you will, to join and become leaders in respective industries, all the while focusing on the betterment of the community that the campuses inhabit as students have practiced and learned in and out of the classroom.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 42.5% of those with a bachelor degree or higher volunteer annually. So, where does RMU match up to the national average?

  • Athletic teams participated in a variety of community service events.
  • Hundreds of students completed ICenter projects or internships geared towards giving back and direct application of classroom knowledge.
  • The College of Nursing and Health Sciences participated in community nursing events.
  • Accounting students volunteered to do individual tax assistance with any person who walked onto the Chicago campus.
  • Springfield students assisted in collecting sweaters for the Lawrence EDU Center.
  • DuPage campus had students collect donations for homeless in their area and delivered them in person: coats, hats, gloves, toiletries.
  • Peoria volunteered with food banks and the local Crisis Nursery for women and children.

That’s 100% participation in some form of volunteerism, 100% commitment to the betterment of the community, 100% of RMU graduates proving that when they leave their campus they will continue to ask not what their country can do for them, but ask what they can do for their country.

As students come and go through the many campuses of Robert Morris University, they can find opportunities for personal growth and professional development with service to community. The newly renamed ICenter, The Center for Professional Development, is just one way students can take their education to the next level into real world experience, networking, and doing great work with others as the focus.

Tameka Mason, a recent RMU graduate from the Peoria campus, noted that volunteering offers personal and professional benefits: “Volunteering is a way to go outside of yourself. It’s too easy for one to get lost in her own problems and situations. Personally, I feel helping others not only soothes the soul but gives someone else a chance at a better life.  Professionally, being a volunteer shows employees that you are willing to go the extra mile even if you are not getting paid for it. I can’t imagine a business that would not see that as an asset.”


European Landmarks

Mark Carlson

We are in the City of Chicago, a place with history and landmarks that we can see daily, but my European Adventure was one that had to be planned out so well just to make sure I saw everything in the week I was there. There are so many places to see alone in Paris. Places that I went to in Paris were: The Louvre (home of Mona Lisa), The Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and Notre Dame. London consisted of seeing: Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s Private Art Gallery, The Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. But when it came down to Spain, it was just more of a look around and spending time in the city shopping, as well as spending time with my Fiancée’s cousin.

(Paris) The Louvre – a super big museum underground that not only consists of Art, but recreations of homes of Kings as well as their grand structures of how their houses and secret tunnels looked like. When looking at how the outside of Napoleon’s house looked like, I instantly did not want to leave at all. This full on marble with a few trees and bushes made it look surreal. The Eiffel Tower, one of the main things we all think of when we say Paris. Yes, I went on it even though I have a fear of heights, but the view of the city at night was something that will never be forgotten. Being able to see the entire city just from the middle of the Eiffel is something that everyone should be able to do if you ever go there. Looking at Notre Dame, you can see the majestic view of a Catholic Church. Going inside, the first thing I wanted to do was look up. The super high ceilings what throw in a tower look that has medieval looking windows. Looking at the altar, it is a design you have to sit and look at due to the many things that are going on.

(London) Buckingham Palace is one of those buildings that instantly run to mind for me when I think of London. The reasoning might be due to the fact that they spend a lot of time recording leaving or going to Buckingham Palace, but never did I think that the lion décor on the fence had actual gold. If you stand in the correct way, you can take a picture of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben as well as the eye in one photo. I decided that I wanted a photo with the Telly, Westminster Abby, and the Big Ben. One of the best things to see is the Tube. The way that they have their underground train system (Tube) is so interesting. I questioned the entire time how they were able to design this correctly and not have any flaws with support.

(Spain) Of course, a multiview of things going on. Just like Chicago and other bigger cities, they do not change history. The preserve the view of the outside as well as a few things inside to make sure that they can keep history alive. I stood on the exact middle of Spain and it even has a marker on the ground. Going on one of the clock towers, you can see a view of the city, and the one thing that got me was the roof across the street. This roof was pure history — painted all black with actual gold around images of life.

European Adventure

Mark Carlson

What is a typical trip? We usually go off to another state to do something that we want with either friends or with family. When it comes to me, it’s do something out of the ordinary. My trip starts off with something crazy. Planning in secret where no one in my family knew what was going on. One thing on everyone’s bucket list (if you have one), go to the Eiffel Tower. So what else can I do? That’s were planning came in. I had tickets to go to Paris a month before I left, but of course, I didn’t know where I was going to stay at all until 2 weeks prior to leaving. My flight left on Saturday, January 21st at 4:44 PM. This gave me the time to get ready and make sure I had all of my last minute things. Of course, heading to O’Hare would have been my problem since I didn’t want to spend 2 hours from my house in Burbank, all the way to the airport. I also didn’t have anyone in my family able to drive me, and I for sure didn’t want to pay over $100 to park there.

The morning of my trip, I thought that Uber would have been the best way to go, since that takes all the struggles out of the way. When I got to O’Hare, I was able to get checked in fast as well as get through security fast, because barely anyone was there in the morning – for international flights. Of course, we all know if we are from Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, that O’Hare International is the craziest airport that you need to make sure that you are early for. Throughout the flight, I had the normal seats. If you of course haven’t been on a plane for a while, they got a lot smaller than needed. The longest 8 ½ hours of my life just happened. I wanted to sleep, and of course I was able to for a little, but the seats were so uncomfortable due to the fact that I am 6’2”. About half way through my flight, I decided to pull out the laptop and look to see if I was able to upgrade my flight. I thankfully was able to. I chose the emergency exit seats, because those have the most room. Something that I didn’t know about the flight, is the fact that you get free liquor as well.

When I got to Charles De Gaulle Airport, I was super happy. I was able to finally stretch and enjoy the trip I was able to. In order to get to Paris, I had to take their public transportation. This was something I never really did when I went out of the country, because everyone has different points of how their systems work. They had the RER (the new train system — like our Metra system), and they also had the Metro (this is like the CTA system). Of course, we bought tickets that would get us through zone 1-3, because that happens to be everything that we wanted to see. The train system is nothing that we are use to, only due to the fact that both of their train systems (RER and Metro) are connected. In order to get the Paris from the airport, we first have to take the RER to the Notre Dame stop and change over to another RER that gets to Invalides. From this, we take the Metro for 2 stops and that gets us to Ecole Militaire.

Getting to the Hotel (Hotel Eber Mars), was simple and easy, since all we had to do was cross over the street from the train and walk around the corner to get there. This hotel is one that gives you the full feeling of Paris. Being able to walk out onto the small balcony, and the first thing that I see when I turned to my right was the Eiffel Tower. Of course, I wanted to be on the Eiffel Tower, but I have a fear of heights. Eventually, I get over the fear and just go and see it, but that’s later on. The first thing that I wanted to do when I got to the hotel was eat something. This isn’t the usual hotel that we have in America, where they have a restaurant connected to the hotel, but there is a restaurant on almost every block, if not more. Of course, after eating my lunch, my fiancé and I got back to the hotel and talked about the future plans of our trip. I was the one that had to plan most of it, but I wanted a bit of insight on what he wanted to do. Our original trip was supposed to be: Paris, London and Brussels; but that didn’t happen. We ended up changing our trip to: Paris, London and debating on Rome and Spain. We looked into flights from Paris to the 3 locations and we saw that London was a good one to choose with a flight that was under $100 each if not cheaper.

The first actual day that we were able to start doing things, was Monday. This was the day after we landed. Our trip consisted of seeing the Arc of Triomphe, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Of course, the Arc is something completely different in person, because it is so big that you have to sit there and just look at it for a while. So many people come to see a lot of things around Paris, but there is so much that has to been seen that it isn’t easy to do with a week only. The Eiffel Tower is one thing that we expect to be a lot bigger in person, but to what it looks like, it isn’t as high as I thought it would be. Of course, it is one of the greatest things that I have ever seen in my life, but I was seriously scared to get on it. My hotel room was only 3 blocks away from the Eiffel Tower, but we walked over to it quite a bit of times. The Louvre is one of the best art museums that I have been to. The Mona Lisa is there, as well as a built replica of Napoleon living quarter.

On Tuesday, we had to wake up early in the morning and have our breakfast at the hotel and go back to the airport. Tuesday, the day for London. There wasn’t that much time in London, because our flight returned back to Paris about 6 hours later. We had to go from the airport, to the shuttle, to the train and walk to Buckingham Palace, that happened to be through the park. Post seeing the Buckingham Palace, I wanted to see the Queen’s Art Gallery since I am into art. This wasn’t a far walk, since it’s around the corner, connected to the Palace. Post seeing the Palace and the Gallery. The main things I wanted to see was the Palace, Gallery, Big Ben, and the Eye (their ferris wheel). Using the train system in London is a lot easier, but the craziest thing I have ever seen was… yes… the Tube. This to me was the craziest underground subway system I have ever seen. It isn’t like the red line where it goes underground for a little, it is one that seriously goes so far down, it’s like flipping the Willis (Sears) Tower upside down and going straight down it to get to where you have to go. When you are in this remarkable system, you have to stop and question how they built this, because there is so much weight above the ground that they have so many big spots of openings underground without an issue.

Wednesday, we of course spent our time in Paris again and decided to have dinner at the same restaurant. After dinner, we stopped at the Eiffel Tower again, but this time, I went up to the second floor (after having a meltdown, because of my fear of heights). This was the most remarkable views I have ever been able to see. There is a part of the Eiffel that has access of being able to see the middle directly down, with a slanted glass throughout the edges, but that is pushing my limit to looking down. I was not planning on getting anywhere close to that.

Then we get to Thursday, the day to Spain. We went to Madrid, something else on a bucket list of mine. We decided to go there, because my fiance’s cousin lives there and they haven’t seen each other in over 3 years. As soon as we landed, his cousin was waiting for us at the airport. We went straight to the city and had lunch and walked around. We went shopping in Madrid since it happens to be super cheap. Of course, anywhere you go in Europe, they include the tax directly into the price of the item, because their taxes are super high. When it started getting dark, we went back to his cousin’s house and spent time eating dinner and talking all night long. Of course, when people don’t see each other for a long time, you sit there and talk for hours. That is exactly what happened to us. We talked until 2 AM and had to wake up by 5 AM to get ready to head back to the airport. Going to Spain and coming back, we decided to take another airport, Orly Airport. This happens to be a 30 minute train ride, but this is one airport that was recently built, and is so much easier to get around in. Getting back to the airport, we wanted to take an Uber just to be able to see what they had around the city. Seeing the views are remarkable. I absolutely fell in love with Paris when I got there.

When we get back to the hotel, the first thing we decided to do was sleep. We were so tired from constantly traveling and being on planes that we were ready to call it quits. After a few hours of sleep, we decided to stop at a few gift shops and get things for our families. For me, it was a bit harder, because my cousin’s birthday was the next day. I wanted to make sure I got her things that she would love and would realize that even though I’m not there, I still think of them all. After shopping, we go and head out to dinner and just take a stroll down the streets of Paris and just see what we can. Just being able to see things from outside was the gist of what we wanted to do if we could get in. After walking for about an hour, we headed back to the hotel and made sure everything was packed and ready to go, since the flight back was on Saturday, January 28th, the exact day of my cousin’s birthday.

To summarize my trip, I highly recommend going to Paris one day when you can. I would not suggest traveling to many locations, like I did. The only thing I would suggest, is that when you go, be careful of where you put your belongings and frequently check by skimming pockets that you have everything. Paris is well known for pick pocketing and you definitely do not want to have a wallet in your back pocket.

A Day in the Life

Ricardo Camacho

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to devote all your time to a specific cause? 0400 and you hear your alarm sound and all you want to do is hit the snooze button. Well you can’t as much as you want to close your eyes and fall back asleep you think to yourself about the commitment you made to yourself and to your country. Although you may not actually be in the Army yet, you have taken the first steps into furthering yourself mental and physically. You still represent the Army and you should hold your head high proudly. You have made the decision to become an Officer in the United States Military, which alone says a lot about your character.

As you’re waking up in the morning at 0400 you begin to get ready for what’s ahead of you. You stand up and look at your uniform, ACU blouse and bottom. You begin getting dressed making sure all your patches are in line. The American flag is on your right side and always facing forward as we always go forward towards the enemy. You proudly wear the ROTC battalion patch under the American flag as well to represent what you stand for. On the left side you wear the leadership excellence patch before you are preparing yourself to be a future leader and you want nothing but excellence to precede you.

You finish getting ready and you look in the mirror to make sure you are well dressed. Freshly shaven and hair is within the regulations of the Army. This is because you have to take pride in wearing the uniform, you are about to go out into the world and although you’re not in the Army there are other people around you who may be veterans or current active service in the military who have earned the right to wear the uniform you are currently wearing. Individuals who have shed blood, sweat and tears in the uniform you are wearing defending this great country. It’s a sign of respect to yourself and to those who have already paid their dues for their country.

Why join ROTC, you may ask. The answer is simple. It makes you a better person all together. It build character and shapes you to be a well-rounded individual. Those 0400 wake ups may seem like they suck but you have to prepare yourself when you’re finally an officer and you are prepared and ready to go. You’re going to be a young 2nd lieutenant and are going to be leading other soldiers who already have time in the Army. They want a leader who is going to be ready to lead and know what they are doing and that is what ROTC prepares you for.

You are looking for light at the end of the tunnel. There are times where it is going to suck waking up every day especially since you are also going to school and trying to juggle both, but you have to remember why you joined in the first place and never lose sight of the ultimate goal. When you walk that stage at your commissioning ceremony, hold your head high because you made the decision that only 1% of the people in the United States make and that’s the will to serve and protect the country you call home. You are willing to give up everything so your family and friends and even people you don’t know can have a great and safe life home knowing there are people out there protecting their freedoms back home.