Be an Eagle News Contributor!

Are you enthralled by each new issue of the Eagle News? Do you voraciously read each paper cover to cover multiple times? Do you have an interesting story to share? Do you have access to a computer and/or a notepad and pencil? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you may well be poised to become an Eagle News contributor!

While our staff includes recurrent characters who write, design, and oversee the newspaper, our contributors are many and fluidly change. If you want to contribute to the Eagle News, shoot us an email at

Winter 2 Issue

Dear readers, your favorite newspaper is coming out with our second issue of the dreary winter season! To get you out of your cold-weather rut, we’ve packed this issue from cover to cover with the latest campus news, mouth-watering recipes, poignant satire, and a whole lot more. This issue is especially worth a peek at, since the theme this time is all about movies! We’ve got a whole spread of movie reviews, complete with movie reel and popcorn imagery to get you in the mood to spend the night in with a good film.

Make sure to pick up an issue to get an exclusive look at how the Eagle News is helping out the community. Since we tend to have a lot of back-issues of past papers and excess as a result of a big order, we are putting the extra newspapers to use. Find out how when you pick up the latest winter issue – available at a newspaper stand near you.

Happy Reading!

Winter Issue

The Winter Issue of the Eagle News is now available! Stop by a newsstand conveniently located on a floor near you to read all about the latest events around campus, including a review of the theatre’s last production, some holiday articles, savory recipes, and more! This issue even features a coloring page! Also, check out page 10 for our recurring column “The Pigeon”, which is our satirical section of the paper. Enjoy!

Eagle News is Now Online!

Hello, dear readers! We have a very exciting announcement for our loyal fans! We would like to relay that the Eagle Newspaper you know and love is now online! Introducing the Eagle News blog – we will be posting articles regularly so you can read content on the go on your mobile device or in the comfort of your home. You will also be able to access never-before-seen content like movie reviews and other exclusive articles that didn’t quite make the cut for our paper edition.