Catarina Maiolo

My name is Catarina Maiolo. I am a design student who wants to become an accomplished illustrator. I love art, writing, singing, and acting. Working for the newspaper is the best thing that has happened to me at Robert Morris; I get the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people! Thank you for your support! If you want to see my other work, check it out here!


Nina Maiolo

Hi! I’m Nina and I’m a senior at Robert Morris University. As a graphic design major, my goal is to create clean and beautiful designs that engage the audience and communicate a strong message. One way I can exercise my design skills is through the Eagle Newspaper. As a member of the illustrious design team, I place, edit, and create content while maximizing reader enjoyment. To take a look at some of my other design work, you can click here! I hope you all enjoy reading the newspaper as much as I enjoy designing it!


Marissa Molitor

Hey guys, Marissa here! I’m a graphic design student at RMU (obviously). I’m also about to start my Masters in Management, also at RMU! Honestly, my favorite Adobe program is InDesign, so it’s super great that we use it to create the newspaper every quarter! Eagle News is one of the highlights of my collegiate career thus far; I’ve met some of my best friends working here and definitely have had the opportunity to network a lot! Feel free to check out my  portfolio here!